1.       The specific results expected from a new system are defined in the:  Acceptance

2.       Directives management should be functionally located with:  other administrative and management support services.

3.       The advantage of using flash drives over hard disks for creation and storage of documents is that flash drives:  can easily be moved from machine to machine.

4.       A request for creation of a new form should include:  All of the above

5.       A mail management program is responsible for:   mail operation policies.

6.       Which of the following best describes the scope of a business report?  Boundaries of problems.

7.       Electronic mail systems are designed:   to transmit information from one point to another.

8.       Which duplicating process generates the greatest volume of business paper?   Office copiers.

9.       One effective method of controlling the use of electrostatic copiers is to:   use a key-activated counting device on the equipment.

10.   Of the following, the least desirable method to use in responding to inquires by letter is to:   answer letters in the order of their receipt.

11.   The basic reason for including an index in a report is to:   facilitate reference to specific subjects.

12.   Form letters should be used mainly when:   an office has to reply to a great many similar inquiries.

13.   The most effective method to prevent the retention of obsolete forms is to:   examine the forms in use a periodic intervals to determine their usefulness.

14.   Office mail clerks are responsible for:   sorting and delivering organization mail.

15.   The duplication process that uses ordinary bond paper and a dry toner is the _____________ process.   transfer electrostatic

16.   A complete picture of each form from its development to its current status is provided by the __________ file.   numeric history

17.   The microform format most widely used for duplicating and distributing reports is:   microfiche.

18.   Two types of directives are:   permanent and temporary.

19.   A reports inventory conducted for the purposes of developing a reports standardization program should include:   progress reports.

20.   Programs intended to manage records creation include:   correspondence control.